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1-29-15 Today I went to my hacker school. I said I can do this, the people are there. The craziest thing about it, was a good feeling. Just walking in there I knew I could just bring a lot to the cohort. I am already envisioning them. A few good thoughts came to me, why doesn't this text editor not have the a dictionary/thesaurus? Not that thought but I walked in and the front was very low key. I missed the first time up the block. I liked that quality. The thing that got me most, I saw people I saw on the internet. Amazing. I mean I saw someone who answered the online group video conference question. Peace, I gotta go put in work.

Blog Introduction

Blog Rap - hacker school birthday

I walk into the building this hacker schools amazing/
Looking at the ceiling and i feel like I'm dazing/
Never lazy, I'm on 100% and ten/
Workin til, nine til ten/
This is how we do it solving a problem/
Looking around to see a Project Manager/
Looking on mac pros or the mac airs/
I don't care I'ma bring it to your ear/

a little bit

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